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Hi All of You Legions of Faithful Scienfoologists!  And others…


Today I have another special treat for you!  Before I founded the Church of Scienfoology, I used to be a thoughtful person, who tried to have balanced, nuanced opinions, see?  Now I have become a whack-a-doodle ideologist and have NO thoughts of ANY kind, anymore, other that ideas of Religious Freedoms, un-regulated non-medical practices of non-medicine on effigies, and ASOLUTE, unquestioning WORSHIP of Government Almighty!  And so I no longer have any kind of nuanced opinion about abortion, see?  But since I have written about effigy-based Scienfoological approaches to the “shaming wand”, and to ultrasonic sonograms, and all, I have fantasized that there just MIGHT be, out there in reader-land / internet-land, just ONE or two people who really don’t yet have any firmly held beliefs about abortion.  So I have asked my good friend, “Humanoid Unit BR-549 (Who Just Doesn’t Know Any More!)”, to check out Scienfoology, and to write about what he/she/it thinks about this particular topic, and offer a thoughtful opinion, un-contaminated by whack-a-doodle notions…  Please read and enjoy!  And perhaps be intellectually stimulated by!  Humanoid Unit BR-549 (Who Just Doesn’t Know Any More!)” submission to my web site follows…


-       SQRLSy One


Dear Thoughtful Reader,


As SQRLSy One implies, he/she/it and I have reviewed Scienfoology, and the matters discussed here.  I told SQRLSy One that SQRLSy One has stooped a bit low, here and there…  Making fun of the likes of Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter, for saying and doing just about ANYTHING, in the name of getting attention, fame, and, of course, MONEY, and then SQRLSy One goes off and takes sick pictures of Hitler in the belly of an effigy, and all!  Just more gross pandering…  SQRLSy One says that SQRLSy One is obviously not after money, being un-named, anonymous like me…  Yet I wonder…  Will SQRLSy One come “out of the closet” one of these days, and try to “cash in”?  Fame, money?  Like TV preachers?  You never know!    And then, the whole idea of an un-born Hitler?  Isn’t this a self-fulfilling prophecy?  You envision your un-born child as Hitler, you become incapable of loving this child, and so, surprise-surprise, you rear up an abused, hateful baby Hitler!  Duh!

SQRLSy One says, well, then, if Mama envisions her un-born child as Hitler, shouldn’t she then be allowed to abort it, not being capable of loving him/her/it?  And I say, shouldn’t she bring it to term, and offer “baby Hitler” up for adoption into a loving home, and allow him/her to NOT grow up as a Hitler?  And off the argument goes, off into well-worn channels…  Channels that I’m not up to tackling right now, you’ve probably heard most if not all of them before.

Instead, I would like for you, Dear Reader, to totally put the question of abortion out of your mind.  We are going, instead, to go off in a totally un-related direction, and travel into a parallel universe, where history happened only slightly differently than it did, in our particular universe.  Enter the universe of “alternate history”…


Alternate History, the French, the English, and the Inuit, in What is Today, Northern Canada / Alaska


In the days before western powers discovered / invaded what is today northern Canada and Alaska, the Inuit (AKA “Eskimos”) lived a nomadic existence.  They would camp and hunt in a particular specific instance of their harsh, bitter, almost-barren land, and hunt the local game-lands creatures (at land and at sea), until they (the preyed-upon creatures) became so tenuously populated, that human hunter-existence itself became locally tenuous (un-sustainable) as well.  And then they would pick up camp, and move, hundreds or even a thousand miles or more, by moccasin-leather express, minimally assisted by puppy-dog-paw express.  Their elderly, sad to say, often became un-able to keep up.  The tribes and families, frankly, were faced with a harsh, brutal, tooth-and-claw choice:  All stay in place, and all perish together, or travel, abandoning the incapable, heavy-to-carry adults, so that at least some could live, reproduce, and pass on human hunter existence to live another day, in another place.

Logical, un-emotional approaches might have said, let us select amongst ourselves, he who will mercifully dispatch of Grandma and/or Grandpa.  Slice throats with bone knives, stick them with crude spears, knock them over the head with a club.  No one volunteered for such gruesome work (decent folks don’t ask one another to do such things, and electric chairs, and even guns, were not available).  A supposed “merciful” and “pretty” death was not to be had.  Grandma and/or Grandpa, from time to time, were put out to an ice floe, with a minimal supply of food, fresh water, and clothes.  And off to the next camping grounds, the rest of the tribe went.

Semi-random historical happenstance put the French into ever-increasing presence and control, in eastern Canada, starting in the 1650s…  At the same time as the British did the same in what is today western Canada and Alaska (in our particular universe, at least).  The French and the British both soon discovered what the Inuit were commonly doing to their elders, and both European nations and societies were outraged, disgusted, and aghast.  The French were ruled, at this time, by Queen Marie Antoinette the Merciful, AKA Queen Antoinette the 444th, and the English were ruled by King George the 666th, AKA King George the Righteous (note that in this particular universe, the ruling-families-political stability, and the name-passing-on traditions, were stronger than in our universe).

Queen Marie the Merciful contained her disgust, listened to her wise advisers, and thought back to her younger days, when she had travelled among other cultures, including tenuously-existence “primitives”, and pondered carefully.  Then she announced that no Inuit were to be punished.  She realized there wasn’t much other practical choice.  She advised French fur-trappers, traders, and explorers to slowly but continuously, peacefully travel into Inuit lands, trading peacefully with them, and bringing them steel knives, copper cooking kettles, steel sewing needles, better building technologies and materials, and guns and gun-powder.  Perhaps, if the Inuit could hunt more efficiently and could glean more resources off of their lands, use their resources more efficiently, and use new resources that they had never even known existed, perhaps they could live at a better standard of living, and NOT have to abandon Grandma and/or Grandpa. She said, this may take decades, or a hundred years or more…  After all, this is thousands of miles away, our supply lines are tenuous, this is not going to happen overnight…  But eventually, things will get better for the Inuit, and things will get better for their elders.  (Queen Marie did not worry about the long-term existence of polar bears and seals, and so forth, she somehow suspected that future generations of humans would discover even better ideas and resources, and that all would be well in the long run).  And lo and behold, in French Canada, the Inuit prospered, and abandoning their elders on ice floes, became a matter of times past, within decades.

King George the Righteous, on the other hand, flew into an apoplectic rage, and announced that in British-controlled lands, Inuit elder-killers were to be given capital punishment, or imprisonment, at the discretion of local British governors.  No murders were to be tolerated, plain and simple!  Right is right, and wrong is wrong!

Some governors chose the “capital punishment” route.  Whenever he heard of abandoned elders…  Including, from time to time, through false rumors spread by one tribe that had a grudge against another…  British “capital punishment” agents were sent out on search and destroy missions.  Being at the ends of their supply lines when they got to the territories of the offenders and of supposed offenders, they couldn’t stay long, or be very discriminate or measured.  Many Inuit were “capitally punished”, to put it antiseptically nicely.  The remainder high-tailed it to French-controlled lands, in utter fear, haste, and abandon, leaving their elders, incapacitated, and many babies behind.

In British lands whose governors chose incarceration instead, the British jailers rapidly found themselves incapable of feeding, clothing, and sheltering their prisoners in remote lands.  So some of the prisoners starved, other froze, and others were set free surreptitiously by fellow Inuit, who also, all, collectively fled, as best they could, to French lands.  Some British Governors conducted forced marches of Inuit prisoners (think Bataan Death March, in our universe) to the more “civilized” prisons of British towns far to the south.  Many died en route.  At the end of several decades of all this, the Inuit in British lands were all extinct.  But, no murderers were left un-punished, justice was served!


Abortion Today, in Our Universe


Many people, left, right, and middle, purple, green, and yellow, do not like the idea of killing un-born babies, or fetuses, or blastocysts, or fertilized egg cells.  Some of us even shudder to think of UN-fertilized eggs, or of sperm, even, NOT brought to term, hence, “murdered”!  All human cells have souls, at the logical extreme…  In just-about-here-right-now terms, we can (soon, or sooner!) clone human cells.  Every time you eat ANYTHING, you are knocking living human cells off of the linings of your cheek!  These could be cloned, and brought to term!  Eating is murder, I tell you!

I am no policy wonk, nor do I know the Mind of God, nor do I know when “souls” (if they exist) embed themselves into human bodies.  I just don’t know.  I, like so many, shudder to think about human babies, on the verge of birth, killed in the womb.  This is Humanoid Unit BR549, here, reporting for duty, and I just don’t know any more!  All I know is the below (I’ll try to keep it short):

It’s entirely too easy to resort to force and coercion, and entirely too hard to be nuanced, and to use care, concern, hard work compassion, and, even, dare I say it, “love”.  Too easy to bring out the jails, the fines, the billy clubs, the punishments, and yes, the “shaming wands”.  Too easy to blame the “sluts”, and too hard to blame the men who make false promises, who won’t use condoms, and even, those who rape.  Just too easy to use the blunt instruments, too hard to use finesse and understanding, and to work for the long-term good, patiently.

I’ll just leave you with a few good quotes to think about…  'Beware of all those in whom the urge to punish is strong.' My Best Buddy, AKA Fred Nietzsche, see http://lallandspeatworrier.blogspot.com/2010/03/beware-of-all-those-in-whom-urge-to.html ...

            “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”  Louis D. Brandeis  (1856-1941)

Last but not least… “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” … Jesus.  See http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+7%3A3-5&version=NIV … For you Christians out there, I am praying that we can all (Christians and non-Christians alike) work together to work AS EFFICIENTLY AS WE CAN to pay attention to that which matters most!  Ignore the little stuff, work on the big stuff.  Better tomorrow than today, and better yet, the day after tomorrow.  God’s Will on Earth?  Perfection?  Not on our time, but on God’s Time…  And NOT achieved by force, or coercion, or the shaming wand!  Those are the tools of the Evil One, not the tools of God!


Thanks for your time!


-Humanoid Unit BR-549 (Who Just Doesn’t Know Any More!)   BR549@churchofsqrls.com 


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