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Last Updated 21 April 2018

By Leroy Titus

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Purpose of this Web Sub-Page, Black Lives Also Matter


I, the Leroy Titus, wish to assist the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement, with some ideas.  I make no claims to speak on behalf of this organization; I just want to help, by mentioning a few basic ideas.  This first is to VERY slightly change their name…  They are (obviously) free to accept or reject this idea; if accepted, no credit need be given to me.  I just want to make the full details of my ideas easily accessible here, so that I can send a link (to here) with the full details, without cluttering up too many emails (or posts to other web sites) with excessive details.


Black Lives Also Matter (BLAM) Instead of Simply BLM


Very minor point first: BLM already stands for Bureau of Land Management, which (among some people at least) carries negative connotations concerning a clunky and at times clueless government bureaucracy.  BLM could be biased in favor of implementing a slight name change on that basis alone…

More to the point, though, “BLM” as now labeled, invites groups to “steal the thunder” of BLM, by stating the obvious cases (as if these critics were geniuses), “White Lives Matter”, “Police Lives Matter”, even “Clown Lives Matter” (see ), etc.  By the very simple trick of inserting the “Also” to make “BLAM” out of “BLM”, the BLM movement can “steal the thunder of the thunder stealers”!!!  We have already pre-acknowledged your point, we can say…

Police…  Trying my best to be respectful here, let’s call them LEOs for Law Enforcement Officers, for short…  Have already, for decades, acted as if white lives matter, clown lives matter, generic male lives matter, generic female lives matter, Asian-American lives matter, etc.  They have NOT generally (judging by their actions) tended to believe that the lives of blacks (black men especially) matter as much as other lives matter.  So we can say “BLAM”, with the emphasis on “Also”, and make a very valid point, which cannot be denied by well-meaning, well-informed Americans anywhere.  “White Lives Also Matter” sounds WAY far more pathetically obvious (the LEOs already have known that for decades, as demonstrated by their actions), when posed as a reaction to BLAM…  So let’s go to BLAM, not BLM, as a slight but significant improvement please…  Just a suggestion, but a good one, in my humble opinion…

PLUS, last but not least, it makes a cool and intuitive logo on a toy gun as NOT used as a protest symbol!  Not used because we might violate the laws of the land, but at least we can think about it…  See below…


Toy Guns as a (Not to be Used!) Powerful Protest Symbol


This constitutes the most important points or suggestions that I have to make, here.  But first, some VERY brief (I promise!) introductory comments.

In high school debate class or instructions, I learned that “acknowledging the valid points of one’s opponents” makes one more credible.  So along those lines, I briefly mention the “Ferguson effect”.  See for a pointed recent example.  For an example WAY far on the other extreme of things, see , wherein the worst offence of the LEO’s victim (Charles Kinsey) was to try to protect a severely autistic young man.

Not to pick on the obvious too terribly much, but…  For the BLM movement, good PR would dictate that we’d try and persuade people to hold protests for the latter, not the former, kind of cases…  If possible (if possible to steer protests that are often very spontaneous), try NOT to hold (or support) protests that highlight people like the above-referenced 28-year-old young man on PCP; try and hold/support protests over the likes of Charles Kinsey.  Enough said; sorry to waste your time on the obvious, if that is the case (as I suspect it probably is).  On, to more important things…

Toy guns are tightly regulated, as they have been for decades now. will show you the federal regulation that prohibits toy guns (AKA “replica firearms”).  Some have imagined that protesters (such as BLM-associated protesters) might choose to try and “immunize” LEOs (police officers) to the sight of possible firearms…  So that LEOs (upon seeing a toy gun held by a playing 12-year-old, or seeing a black man holding a wallet, cell phone, or e-cigarette) might not immediately go into hysterical modes, and shooting all black men in sight.  If they can get used to seeing black people handling toy guns (WITHOUT immediately shooting them!), then maybe black people could live without constant fear.  So some people have speculated, at least…

          Others have speculated that a crowd of LEO-baiters holding toy guns…  Even at the ends of fishing poles, say, to make it obvious that there’s no “shooting stance” as we parade our toy cardboard guns…  The LEOs might immediately find their long-lusted-after excuse to conduct an “ethnic cleansing”.

          One could try such (dangerous!) experiments, by trying to work within the limits of the laws. specifies gun-barrel-end bright-orange-colored plugs, and/or bright-orange-colored stripes to be placed around the muzzle-end (to mark the toy gun as merely a toy).  The regulation even specifies the precise shade of orange to be used.  I for one do NOT recommend trying this…  I know that the law enforcement establishment will often do what the law enforcement establishment wants to do, whatever the facts and the letter of the law may be.  Find a few off-color specs of dirt that settled into the bright-orange paint, as it cured, and it’s off to jail with the likes of us!  Or more likely, the LEO simply says “I feared for my life”, and it’s the end of the story (as well as the end of lives of a black person or three or seventy).

          So I do not advocate ANY use of “toy guns”!  PLEASE do NOT do the things listed below!

          ‘1)  Do not search the internet for “cheap toy guns”.  Most of them are too expensive (for passing out many-many of them to large crowds, and to have them confiscated by LEOs).  If, though, there’s a source out there of $0.25-or-so-each (in high volumes) Styrofoam or cardboard “handguns”, please email me (at ), and I will post a link, and tell people to NOT buy these toy handguns!

          ‘2)  Do NOT be inspired by Vietnam-war-era protesters who stuck flowers in the barrels of National Guard troops!  So do NOT look at or for inspiration!  And most of all, certainly do NOT make two printouts of the below (or other BLM or BLAM-inspired “flowers”)!  Do NOT print them out, cut them out, and then glue them to both sides of a shaped cut-out made of poster board, cardboard, or plywood!  Do NOT couple such things with toy handguns, for LEO-baiting or anything else!




          ‘3)  Do NOT print out the two below mirror images to likewise be glued 2-sided and coupled with the above flower image!






          ‘4)  Do NOT go and get yourself a simple, cheap 5-to-7-feet-long stick, rod, or pole, and 2 to 4 feet of string, and tie the toy-gun-plus-flower assembly to the end of the string!

          ‘5)  Do NOT (especially not en mass) dangle said dangerous implement of destruction in front of LEOs!  They might feel threatened, and therefor fully justified in shooting you dead!

          ‘6)  Do NOT fabricate or distribute such items (as above) to be placed under the windshields (on the dashboards) of cars, or anywhere else, for demonstrations, or for ANY other purpose!


Political, Philosophical, Theological, etc., Implications of Toy Guns as a (Not to be Used!) Powerful Protest Symbol


          God, cosmic karma, the dynamics of human social and political behavior, or whatever you personally might choose to call it, often dictates that good comes out of bad.  It just happens, it’s part of the redemptive fabric of the Universe.  Hitler and the NAZIs started WW II, and millions suffered and died.  But when Americans learned of the fully horrible aspects of NAZI racism, and the sufferings and deaths caused, Americans were forced to take a long, hard look in the mirror, about how we fought that war with a segregated military, and had our own long and deep roots of racism and injustice.  One of the good things to come out of the undeniable evils of WW II was that America was forced to start fixing the hypocrisy of American racists condemning Nazi racists (OK, in fairness the disease was the same, but the American flavor was less severe).  But we don’t want to start WW III just because a few good things might come of it!  There are FAR better ways to “get better”!

          “Inoculating” (immunizing) LEOs to the sight of blacks bearing items vaguely resembling handguns (“LEO-baiting”) is an evil that invites massacres of black people, so it is NOT a good idea!  We must do what LEOs (our masters) tell us to do!  Baiting our masters not only LOOKS bad, it sounds VERY bad!  So I encourage us all to practice patience and restraint, and content ourselves with merely meekly asking, “Please, please, PLEASE don’t shoot too many of us!”




Email me at with comments, suggestions, etc., if desired.  If you do NOT want me to publish your name, email address, and/or comments, please indicate this in your email.  Otherwise, I may or may not publish your comments (or link to your web site), as I chose.  For your reference, the BLM web site is at , but (sorry!) I can’t get this link to work; there’s something funky about the site address.  Just “Google” and it will go right there …  My content has NOT been blessed by BLM in ANY way!