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This is contributed by “ msimon6808  at  yahoo  dot  com ” (anti-spam modified here) …

Original email to me by M_Simon, a reader /commenter at www.reason.com


Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused in childhood.

Addiction is a symptom of PTSD. Look it up.

Making war on the afflicted is not a moral policy.


Engineering is the art of making what you want from what you can get at a profit. 

I like Polywell Fusion.

(End M Simon email).

My SQRLSY comments:  Yes, I do agree that the drug war is immoral.  Below, I will mirror the main contents of your blog as of 14 Oct. 2018.


Also note that a good web page on a closely associated matter is at http://reason.com/blog/2018/08/17/trump-says-pain-pills-are-so-highly-addi ...  OK then another at http://reason.com/blog/2018/07/20/thank-drug-warriors-for-the-escalating-d ...


          I am interested in fusion as well.  https://www.ialtenergy.com/polywell-fusion.html  Polywell Fusion: Intriguing Alternative Aneutronic Fusion Power Generator” per M Simon’s recommendation.  I the SQRLSY One, personally, have been following; “General Fusion” at http://generalfusion.com/  Whoever gets there first with affordable and clean fusion power, my hat is off to you!!!


OK then, a copy of M Simon’s blog, for your reading pleasure, from http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/2004/09/heroin.html






Here is what got me started on the Chronic Drug Use is Caused by Chronic Pain track. The important thing is to read Dr.Shavelson's book. The drug war in essence is a persecution of tortured children.


Heroin. The name itself strikes terror into the heart these days. But originally it was named by the Bayer people from the word heroine. Or female hero. Why? Because it was so effective in relieving pain and suffering. If it were legal it would still be one of the most effective pain relievers in the doctor's arsenal. It was also considered such a safe and effective medicine that it was available over the counter until 1914.

The story these days with heroin is different. It not only is not available over the counter, its not available anywhere in America legally.

So where does this leave us today? We have black markets and addicts. Black markets of course require police and addicts require treatment.

An interesting study by Dr. Lonny Shavelson looks into the world of the addicts and their treatment. What do we know? What works? How can addicts be helped?

First we start out with an unusual point of view. Most addicts are in pain. This is quite surprising. It surprised me. I thought they were just in it for the euphoria.

Here is what Dr. Shavelson found in his study of 200 addicts: a high proportion of severely abused children (beatings, rapes, rapes of siblings). He questioned his study methodology. He thought there must have been a flaw in how his sample was selected or in how the questions he asked were framed.

Then while he was doing his research, an article came out in the Journal of the American Medical Association that said that the addiction rate goes up for male sexually abused children. And it doesn't just double or triple. It is 25 to 50 times higher than the rest of the population. Approximately 70% of the women in drug rehab experienced sexual abuse before they started on drugs. In other words, those heroine addicts not in actual physical pain are suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. What is the preferred treatment in America today for these hurt and humiliated souls? We don't deal with the pain that made them liable for drug abuse. We ask that before they can be healed that they heal themselves by giving up drugs. And then we wonder why rehab for hard-core addicts does not work too well. But how could it when the treatment does not match the disease.

So the next time the TV expose shows the junkie with the spike in his or her vein think of what torment that person must be in internally in order to put them in the place they are in. And all too often our response to those suffering is to jail them. Barbaric. Or treatment that deals with symptoms and not causes. Stupid.

Dr. Shavelson has written a book called Hooked about his experiences with addicts. A recent transcript of an interview by NPR with the doctor is available here.

Hooked - NPR interview.


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