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Dear Scienfoology Worshippers (Scienfoologists in ALL of your BILLIONS AND BILLIONS!) J J J,


Today I have a NEW category of writings for your reading pleasure!  It is apostasy, plain and simple, in this case…  Not APPOSTASY, but simple apostasy (fulminations against the FDA, if you can imagine that!).  It seems that a reader of mine has taken exception to what I wrote, above, about approving of computer or “smart phone” applications developers getting regulated by the FDA.  I told one such services supplier (“SkinofMine”) that they should ask the FDA to way “up” the costs of approving of potential computer automations of what services “SkinofMine” offers via credentialed experts of expertology (go see SkinofMine should protect it’s own skin-in-the-game, via GAWD’s Wrath, above, or in the main web site here).  Having a mere COMPUTER PROGRAM taking over your job, well, that’s just HORRIBLE, even if millions of others could benefit from cheaper and better services, as we Wise Scienfoologists darn well know!

Well anyway, Mr. Smarty-Pants Smart Phone Applications Developer seems to have taken exception to what I wrote!  I will NOT repeat what malicious and defamatory things he said about Me & the Church of Scienfoology.  I will NOT give Harisha Vipul that much satisfaction!  But we as Devout Scienfoologists must ALL pray for his salvation from Scienfoology Heck and Tarnation, for his disrespect of our GAWDly servants in D.C.    See, we Scienfoologists are religiously advanced, broad-minded, and tolerant, we do NOT speak of “fire and brimstone”, we speak merely of Heck & Tarnation!  And we are SO broad-minded, we will even PUBLISH what the un-righteous people say (just so that you will know the LIES that they speak, and be on guard).  Amazingly, Harisha Vipul even gave me permission to mention his email address at Harisha.Vipul@SBCGlobal.net !  Some people are so evil as to be PROUD of their evil, it seems!

Anyway, Mr. Vipul was so torqued off by my web site, he says he says he sent the below to the FDA:


            FDA, Please Stop Over-Regulating Everything!

To: fdadockets@oc.fda.gov CC:  dsmica@fda.hhs.gov; ombudsman@cdrh.fda.gov; CDRHOmbudsman@fda.hhs.gov ;


Dear FDA,

This is with regards to your Docket No. FDA-2011-D-0530 ...

I’m a smart phone applications developer, and I just read at  http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11205/1162580-114.stm?cmpid=news.xml that you (the FDA) will soon be forcing smart-phone application developers to spend “about $31 million” each time that they propose to give or sell “medical” applications to the public.  Also,  The public has 90 days to comment on the proposed guidelines.”  I am now taking advantage of my opportunity to do so.  In summary, I object to the FDA playing ANY role in preventing us supposedly free Americans from benefitting from smart-phone applications.  I give you some of my reasons below.

            INTRO:  Smart-phone applications DO have tremendous new potential to benefit us all.  A demonstration of such power is to be found at http://leafsnap.com/  where I can get a FREE app that will take pictures of leaves and identify the tree species for me!  Now if this was, instead, an app for taking pictures of my skin lesions, and telling me if it is a mere zit, or it might be skin cancer, I am QUITE sure you supposed public “servants” would delay its introduction to the public by many years, and drive up its costs significantly.  WHY would you consider the writers of software for the smart-phone to be any less deserving of “freedom of speech” than the publishers of textbooks that might, for instance, publish photos of skin cancer v/s plain old ordinary zits, and tell us how to tell the difference?  Are you perhaps taking your inspiration from other anti-technology excesses of government?  It is new, therefore, it must be over-regulated?  See http://www.walletpop.com/2010/07/20/colleges-face-obstacles-with-e-reader-technology-for-disabled-st/ for example, are we going to prohibit light-bulbs unless there’s a version that can be seen by the blind? Old-style technology (paper books) remain un-regulated, in the name of free speech; we do not prohibit all textbook publishers from publishing, if they have no Braille copies.  Why are new and high-tech devices and services treated differently?  It’s not perfect, therefor we may not market it?  I would remind you that “the perfect is the enemy of the good” (Voltaire). 

The FDA has a history of lack of good judgment, and I do not trust you to “lightly regulate” (or appropriately regulate) ANYTHING.  Why?  Examples below…

            First, there’s the “lung flute”, see http://www.medicalacoustics.com .  This is a plainly a harmless flute, for knocking phlegm loose from my lungs and bronchial tubes, with sound waves.  The manufacturing costs of this device looks to me to be $3 or $4; I’d have to pay $45 for it, after you over-regulators inflated its costs.  In all other nations, I would be able to buy this without a prescription, but you over-regulating government nannies made me get a doctor’s prescription in order to buy one.  Then you government and media people like to complain about inflated health-care costs in the USA!  Go figure!  Also, just like this so-called “medical device”, I use sound waves to knock phlegm loose, every time I hack, wheeze, or cough.  Are you petty tyrants soon going to require me to get a prescription for that, also?

            Then there’s the “earpopper” at http://www.earpopper.com/earpopper/get_us.htm and then http://www.earpopper.com/contact/distributors.htm .  One can see a simple little battery-powered device that pumps air pressure up one’s nose to help one get fresh air into the Eustachian tubes.  Oh, yes, of course, prescription required, in the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave, the USA, the only one of 17 nations where you can’t buy this dangerous “medical device”, without the permission of your moral, medical, ethical, and spiritual superiors…  This is just a wee tad of assistance for me as I do the equivalent of pinching my nose and blowing on it; is that “medical procedure” going to be by-prescription-only as well, soon?  Why is my tax money (and the blood and lives of American soldiers) being spent to buy freedom for foreigners in foreign lands, while you FDA types busy yourselves with taking away the freedoms of Americans?

            Then there’s Makena, AKA Hydroxyprogesterone caproate, for preventing miscarriage or premature births - Here’s a drug that has been available since 1956, at recent prices of $10 per dose.  But the FDA passed out exclusive rights to manufacture and sell this drug to (the right, politically connected?) manufacturer, at “KV Pharmaceutical”, who promptly raised the costs of the drug by a factor of 100.  Are y’all going to do the same to aspirin as well, soon?  See http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1102796 .

            Where there IS an appropriate role for you, the FDA, to play, as in, establishing a simple standardized scheme to label hospital feeding tubes with a green stripe, oxygen tubes with a blue stripe, and intravenous tubes with a red stripe, to prevent confusion and dead hospital patients, you can’t be bothered.  You might drive up costs for your buddies in the “medical devices” industry, and they might wine and dine you less.  I can see why some of your better employees have quit the FDA over things like this, see http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/21/health/policy/21tubes.html .

            So as you can see, I have ample justification as I imagine that any smart-phone application that has ANY kind of medical implications…  No matter HOW trivial… Say, an attachment that vibrates my electric toothbrush at varying frequencies…  Will be over-regulated and require a prescription, to the detriment of freedom in America, just so that the FDA can snag a bigger budget.  I am an employee of a high-tech company.  I fear for the future of high technology business in America in general, if the FDA and other federal agencies continue their over-regulating ways.  I respectfully request that you NOT regulate “smart phone” applications.  If I continue to hear of FDA excesses in such categories, I will be contacting my representatives in Washington, D.C.

            In summary, with regards to your plans for more micro-management… I object!!!  If you FDA types cannot find the decency to respect the freedoms of Americans, then PLEASE just all go ahead and quit your jobs, and go on welfare.  We’d all be better off for it.


            Regards, Harisha Vipul  ( Harisha.Vipul@SBCglobal.net )



            Comments from SQRLSy_1@ChurchofSQRLS.com :  PLEASE help me PRAY for the salvation of such GAWD-disrespecting infidels as Mr. Vipul!  And BEWARE of the lies of such angry apostates!  I suspect that Mr. Vipul got some of his materials from my web set, which does Aggrieve Me Deeply…  As Shakespeare wrote, “even the Devil knows how to quote scripture”.  We as Devout Scienfoologists can NOT back down from doing our Holy Work of WORSHIPPING Government Almighty, merely because SOME GAWD-forsaken heathens twist and warp our words and concepts.  March on bravely, Fellow Devout Scienfoologists!


               -SQRLSY One