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Last Updated 15 April 2018

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HI all of you Gazillions of Scienfoologists (and all of you Non-Scienfoologists who’ve been searching high and low),


You’ve come to the right place!  Here’s where you can see answers to questions, and comments, etc., as exchanged between me, , and all of your fellow Scienfoologists and Seekers.




Hey U Squirrelly 1 U,


Y r u such an ignoramus?  Y do u make fun of yung people w/your use of terms like “whatever” & “hippagroovalistic” all the time?  


                                    Disrespectfully Up Yers, Yung Dooood


Dear Yung Hippagroovalistic Dooood,




            -SQRLSY Doooodish One




Hi Sqrlsy One,


            I was mighty touched to read all about the sad, sad case of your effigy, Ann Coulter Rash Limbaugh, that you keep up in your attic.  I haven’t heard anything new about her on your web site at   How is she doing?  PLEASE keep us posted!


            Much Obliged,    Frank N. Furter


Hi Frank N. Furter,


            Thanks much for your concern.  I am sorry to report to you, Ann Coulter Rash Limbaugh has not been very conscientious or responsible in using, um, family planning, if at all.  Lately I have been hearing her, from time to time, singing up there, singing, “you picked a fine time to leave me, (something indecipherable-seal, barking seal, loose eel, caboose squeal, who knows what), four hundred children, and the crop’s in the field”.  I’m not sure what that’s all about.  Whenever I check, it DOES seem like there always another hungry mouth to feed, at her feet, or in her lap.  I don’t see 400 of them, but maybe she’s just exaggerating and whining.  She says she misses her aborted baby Hitler, to boot!  I’m not sure what THAT was all about, either!  I am especially curious as to who the father was.  I suppose we’ll never know…

            Well anyway, thanks for your concern, and below, you’ll see some new pictures of her and her offspring.  And PLEASE do NOT make any Scienfoology-ignorant comments about “cute gee-gaws” and such!  I assume you know, these are effigy-children…


            Best Regards,   -SQRLSY One









Hi Sqrlsy One,


            Thank you SO much for the lovely pictures of Ann Coulter Rash Limbaugh and her lovely babies!  And no, me being as much into Scienfoology as you are, no, no, NEVER, I would NEVER dream of calling her lovely effigy-babies “cute ceramic gee-gaws” or any other such demeaning, derogatory, patriarchal, chauvinistic terms!

            So you are much perplexed, you seem to imply, by the paternity of her children, especially the aborted Hitler?  Well, bear with me here, this may not seem to be at all relevant at first, but it is relevant, and I do have a theory.  A very GOOD “theory”, factual really…  Just like one talks about the “theory of gravity”, see?  Below are the documented historical facts:

            In his famous prison-psychology experiments, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo showed that “we become the role that we play”, and dehumanize each other, if we are (even randomly, with no pretense of justice at all) assigned the roles of “prisoners” and “guards”.  See . 

            Now, educational establishments, and even businesses, have gotten into the business of conducting “sexual harassment role-playing exercises” to train the men to refrain from such things…  Have the women at the workplace or school go up and pinch the men’s fannies & make suggestive comments, etc., so that the men can see what it feels like.  I recall a man taking this training some years ago, and saying it went too far, and suing over it.  I can’t seem to find a web link for this topic.  is of tangential interest though…

            Well anyway, there’s another area where role-playing can go too far.  Far less well known, though, is the fact that NASA conducted similar training exercises.  Train the astronauts not to sexually harass each other, sure, yes, but even more so, to not dehumanize each other, either.  Being at a very high-tech and rule-following organization, and all, NASA employees might tend to start regarding each other, sometimes, as “productivity units”, see, so in the role-playing games, they weren’t Fred and Susie and Alan, they were Astronaut A,  Astronaut B, Astronaut C, Astronaut D, Astronaut E, Astronaut F, and so, on and on.  So they could SEE just how bad dehumanization is, of course, was the noble goal.

            So then go check out Astronauts Lisa Nowak and William Oefelein , see .  Would you be surprised to learn that when they had (in separate training sessions to be sure) taken their dehumanization-etc. role-playing exercises, they had both been assigned to play “Astronaut-E”?  They became the roles that they had played, and they became astronaughty indeed!

            As soon as all this happened, NASA discontinued this kind of training altogether.  They are still running in fear of what happens when “Astronaut-C” gets carried away and does HIS thing (in public even)!  It was, I am quite sure, Astronaut-C, role-playing-run-amok, AKA AstroNAZI, that fathered the aborted child of Ann Coulter Rash Limbaugh.  Let it be known that I figured it out first!


   -Frank N. Furter


Hi Frank N. Furter,


            Thanks ever so much for solving this troublesome mystery!


            Best Regards,   -SQRLSY One





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